Myself and my family recently returned from our first holiday in Florence, which we thoroughly enjoyed. One of the highlights for us was meeting Elizabetta for our own personalised guided tour of some of the sights. We were all very impressed as Elizabetta was very knowledgeable but also very friendly and also had a lovely sense of humour. It felt more like meeting up with a friend. She brought Florence and its history to life for us, which helped us make much more sense of this lovely place and all the wonderful art and buildings to which it is home. We learned so much more than we would have done leafing through a guide book and it was great to be able to ask whatever questions popped into our heads. We enjoyed it so much that we tried to book her again to take us round the Uffizi but it was short notice and unfortunately she was busy. We did use the audio guides but it was no match for that personal touch. Thank you Elizabetta for a very special experience.