The Splendor of Palazzo Pitti

Wealth & Opulence

Duration:3 hrs
Site visited :
Royal Apartments, Palatine Gallery  & Silver Museum in the Pitti Palace*
Price for 1-4pax:
Additional price for headsets from 5-10 pax: €30

*Entry & reservation fees: not includedThe Splendor of Palazzo Pitti

We will visit the imposing and proud Palazzo Pitti, a magnificent symbol of power and wealth manifested by its various residents. From the late 16th century, home to the Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany, then of the Lorraine, and finally, the King of Italy.

In the Palatine Gallery, we will find masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, Perugino, Correggio and Rubens. Opulence is palpable as we view not only silver, but ivory, pearls and other precious stones in the Silver Museum with its walls and ceilings adorned with beautiful frescoes depicting architectural illusions.

Apart from being able to take a peek inside the Royal Apartments where the King used to live, we will also discuss the everyday life of those who worked and resided in the palace, their private lives and life at Court.

The original palace constructed in the mid-15th century for Luca Pitti, whose design has been attributed to that of Brunelleschi, will undergo many changes and extensions through time, by architects, engineers, scientists and artists seeking the magnificent and the impressive.

Palazzo Pitti offers an active look into courtlife, the manoeuvrings and dealings, the rigidity of its rules and norms, the emotional distance and incredible patronage of privilege.

In the Silver Museum, we will see an impressive collection of refined and exquisite objects and decorations, presented in an arresting setting of frescoes and illusions.

In the Palatine Gallery we explore, not only the public and private spaces of the court of the Grand Duke and of his family, but also, admire the unique and vast collection of paintings by the great masters.

After the tour, you may decide to continue and visit the Boboli gardens that extend on the southern hill guarded by a surviving section of the impressive medieval walls of Florence.