Your Feedback

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful tour! It was so great to see a Florence outside of the main tourist sites. Loved the churches, side streets, and fun historical facts. It was especially heartwarming to see how everyone welcomed you when we entered churches and piazzas – and even strangers on the streets who just wanted to chat! Thank you also for the extra care and time spent with us, and for showing us to Le volpi e l’uva. Lunch was amazing. It was a wonderful welcome back to traveling. 

Hope to see you again next year when I’m able to come with our retreat group!

Patti C., Seattle, U.S.A.

Elisabetta is wonderful! Our four hours were spot on our interests, and we had a wonderful time, mostly away from the hordes of other tourists in Firenze. A most knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining hostess.

Peggy S, U.S.A.

We certainly enjoyed our recent tour of Florence that you provided for our family. You are so knowledgeable about the city and it is evident that you love Florence and its history. We appreciated the fact that you had an outline of what you wanted us to see on our walking tour – but that you were flexible and willing to make changes as we progressed and had questions. We also appreciated that you were responsive to the age range of our family group with three children ( 6,9, and 17) and eight adults.

I can truly say that the tour was enjoyed by all members of our family. You are very personable and well suited to your chosen profession. We loved your added humor and your willingness to answer our questions about Italy and its people as well as the city of Florence. I would highly recommend your tour to any group.

Carolyn B, U.S.A.

Larry and I feel so lucky to have had the long morning with you last week in Florence. You introduced us to places that we’d not have known about, or at least not gone to, and recommended others that we investigated afterward. We almost felt “native”.

If only there had been more time before our leaving for Rome! Larry absolutely loved your historical perspectives and adding to his own knowledge. The difference between him and me is that he will remember everything you said.
We can’t imagine any other way to be introduced to a city than by one of its proud citizens, and you are the best!

Thank you so much for your time and expertise. We truly hope that your next group that afternoon wasn’t created by your generosity to us!

Faith & Larry, U.S.A.

I wanted to thank you for making our tour of Florence wonderful. You are such a wealth of information. I learned so much about even the David and Michelangelo in just the short tour of the museum. afterward.

The city is so beautiful. I’m looking forward to returning in the next couple of years to see and learn more. Thank you very much!

Theresa, U.S.A.

Just a note to thank you for an excellent tour last Friday morning.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Florence and it was made more fascinating with your extensive knowledge of its history.

We climbed the 463 steps of the Duomo in the afternoon and then walked to the Piazzale Michelangelo on the Saturday for the opposite view!
Again many thanks for putting up with my husband!!

Sarah, U.S.A.

I know its been a while since we were in Florence but I wanted to thank you for the fantastic day we had back in Aug with you, it really was the highlight of our 1st holiday in Italy.You made us feel so welcome, it really felt like we were meeting an old friend for coffee.

You are clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about what you do – its very engaging. Next time you are in the UK visiting your mother in Alton or Alresford is it? then please do not hesitate to give me a call and we can pop into Winchester for tea.

Tracy, U.K.

Peter and I wish to thank you for your erudite tour of the Uffizi Gallery and for the walking tour of other important landmarks in the area of the Piazza della Signoria. Your detailed knowledge of art history, artists individual training, style, techniques and materials used and the history of the Italian Byzantine and Renaissance eras helped us gain new levels of understanding and appreciation of the many icons and other works we viewed from the Italian masters.

Touring the churches, buildings and public spaces with you gave us a detailed view of the architectural styles, elements and functionality along with the personalization found within and on facades that denoted ownership, family crests and other symbolization important to the owners.

Lori C, U.S.A.

We managed to take almost all of your advice during our time in Florence, and it was very good. We found your sandwich place again and stood in a crowd of only Italian-speakers, waiting our turn.

The Medici chapel was closed because it was the first Monday of the month but the Borgello (?) was lovely and uncrowded and we could take as much time as we liked. The synagogue was a great place to visit and we are so glad we went. The gelato place was jammed with Japanese tourists on Monday but when we returned on Wednesday we had it to ourselves, as well as the Academie AND the Uffizi (which we had to go to because it was right there and there were no lines at all). Jon even ate a tripe sandwich from the place you showed us and said it was tasty. I held out for a bowl of warm couscous with squash and cheese — that was delicious.
The only bit we missed was the Florentine steak but we ate delicious meals that were not quite as far away, and we can save that for next time.
In Lucca we rented bicycles and went around the top of the wall a few times before descending into the town. My cousin showed us all the medieval towers (we went back and climbed the famous one with the trees on top later) and some churches and Roman spaces — Lucca felt very familiar to us after our various walks through other towns, but much more compact and intact.
Thank you so much for introducing us to Florence and for listening closely to what seemed to be our areas of interest/curiosity. Jon says that the next time we go, you will take us through the Uffizi. I am sure there is a story behind all of those ugly old man faces on that poor little Christ child, over and over.

Hana N, U.S.A.

Thank you again for a wonderful overview of Florence in such a short time span. Your wealth of information added so much interest to your beautiful city. You brought the Renaissance alive again through your wonderful narration and attention to details of the art and architecture of the area.

Your ability to get us into the Uffizi and Academia with a minimal wait and to show us the highlights in each museum within our short time there was wonderful. We appreciate all your coordination and planning so that we were able to get to all the places we were interested in seeing.

Cathy B, U.S.A.

Myself and my family recently returned from our first holiday in Florence, which we thoroughly enjoyed. One of the highlights for us was meeting Elisabetta for our own personalized guided tour of some of the sights. We were all very impressed as Elisabetta was very knowledgeable but also very friendly and also had a lovely sense of humor.

It felt more like meeting up with a friend. She brought Florence and its history to life for us, which helped us make much more sense of this lovely place and all the wonderful art and buildings to which it is home. We learned so much more than we would have done leafing through a guide book and it was great to be able to ask whatever questions popped into our heads. We enjoyed it so much that we tried to book her again to take us around the Uffizi but it was short notice and unfortunately she was busy. We did use the audio guides but it was no match for that personal touch. Thank you Elizabetta for a very special experience.

David G, U.K.

Karen and I, Gayle and Julius want to thank you for the excellent tour of Florence you gave us last Thursday. With your assistance, we learned more about Florence and saw more of Florence than we could ever have accomplished on our own. Your insights into the history of the city, the culture, the architecture were far greater than anything we could have gotten from a book.

Thanks as well for miraculously appearing on the corner at the end of the day and helping us find the grocery store. Our goodies (olive oils, balsamic, pasta) arrived yesterday. Hopefully, we’ll return to Florence and spend time touring with you again. Thanks again and Take Care!

Joe K, St. Louis, MO,U.S.A

Elizabeth, was the best tour guide ever! Her insight and knowledge of Florence brought everything to life for me.

We strolled our way through the cobbled-stone streets of the city and she was so fun to be with and listen to. Our last stop was visiting the David by Michelangelo which was truly a highlight. We didn’t have to wait in line and Elisabetta brought me back in time to the Renaissance and explained all the interesting details of the sculpture that I wouldn’t have noticed without her. I was sorry I didn’t have another day to spend with Elisabetta but I will highly recommend her to all my family and friends.

Linda, CA, U.S.A.

lo pasè muy bièn con esta super guia Elisabetta, nos paseò por todas partes, nos mostrò las cosas màs bonitas en forma amena y ademàs nos llevò a comer una pizza…… maravillosa con jamon crudo y rucula! lo mejor fuè el postre: il tarufo nero. En fin,fuè un dia perfecto! Gracias Elisabetta.

Beatrice, Santiago, Chile

Dear Elisabetta,

Thank you so much for the two tours we had with you in Florence.  First, you are an absolute delight.  We loved your personality and warmth.  You made Florence come alive for us in the city tour and made us fall in love with Michelangelo at the Academia.  Places are special because of the people we meet.  You made Florence a place to remember and gave us many reasons to return.  Your knowledge is amazing and you have a great narrative.

We are very happy we met you and we thank you for your time, energy and contribution to our memorable vacation.

Thank you,

Kimberly and Jorge

Thanks again for your guide service and for your advice, we had a great day back in Florence, did the food building market, and the famous bridge, (what is the history regarding all the shops being fancy gold and jewelry shops?) we also visited the boboli gardens and the gelato shop again…the museo davanzati was terrific, I especially liked the English descriptions for each room and the network of bathrooms and painting on the walls… 

 Florence is now a great memory for us thanks to you and your guide service.

Thanks, Cindy U.S.A

During our short stay in Italy we were very lucky to have access to several tour guides, which Rick Steves recommended. They all seemed very knowledgeable and greatly enhanced our tour experience by focusing on what is important in an efficient manner. This made our investment in such guides well worth the cost.

However, of all the guides we hired, Elisabetta, you were the best without a doubt. Yes, all the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly, but you added another dimension that made your service richer and more meaningful. Each time your embraced one of your gypsy friends, with each smile and wave of recognition from a museum guard or employee, and with the obvious loving care you handled your fellow Florentine, made us feel a step closer to people and culture of that wonderful city. For example, that moment when one of the gypsies came to us in the front of the Duomo to show us that we should be securing our bags in front of our body to minimize the chance of being robbed was priceless and touching. We not only took a wonderful trip to Renaissance Florence, but we were made to feel right at home in Florence of the Twenty-First century. You brought the city to us in such a manner that made us feel right at home.

Thank you very much. We will never forget the Florence you opened for us and for giving us a moment, although a very short moment, to feel integrated with our surroundings.

We hope to see you, both of you, again in the future if we are ever lucky enough to be in the heart of Tuscany.

With much affection and our best regards,

Mark and Magali