What happens in case of bad weather?

I have never cancelled a tour because of the weather. Your comfort is a priority, so I will adapt a tour accordingly, looking for shade if it is scorching hot, or covered spaces in case of pouring rain. From experience, we have always found a suitable alternative.

Where do the tours start from and finish?

Meeting and end points are defined on the basis of your circumstances. If you are spending the day and coming into town by train or car, we can meet at the main station. If your hotel/lodgings are centrally located, I can meet you in the lobby. Otherwise, at an agreed meeting point.

How many people will be on the tour?

It’s a private tour so it will be just for you and your party.

How much are the tours?

My guide rate per hour is the same. The fees for the museums vary depending on which and how many museums you visit on the tour. The entry tickets and reservation fees, if necessary, will be communicated to you beforehand. Do bear in mind that private tours can also be surprisingly cheap if you are a large family or a big group of friends.

How long do tours last?

Tours can run from 2, 3, 4 or 6 hours. If you are spending more days in town, I always advise not concentrating everything in one day, but rather splitting tours into 2 or more days.

How do the tours work?

All tours are private walking tours. Florence is a small and compact city and the easiest way to get around is on foot. Taxis can be used, if necessary, to shorten distances at very reasonable fees.

What is the difference between a public tour and a private tour?

A public group tour is a standardized tour which follows a rigid schedule and a fixed itinerary. It is open for anyone to join and groups can have as many as 20, 30 or even 50 persons! A private tour, on the other hand, is a tour specifically done for you and your party and is not open for others to join. A private tour may have a guiding structure but it is usually adapted to the client’s interest, background knowledge and previous experience. There may be a big price difference if your party is small, but if you have a larger group, the total may come out to be even more convenient.

Do you do tours in other languages?

Yes. Aside from Italian, I am also fluent in Spanish .

Do you do tours out of Florence?

Yes. I am a licensed tour leader and national guide so I can guide all over Italy. Please email me for your request and location of interest.

How to reach Florence from other cities?

You can easily reach Florence from Rome, Bologna, Milan and Venice with the modern and comfortable high speed trains of Trenitalia: www.trenitalia.com or ITALO www.italotreno.it

Coming from Pisa, Lucca, Siena and San Gimignano and the rest of Tuscany, there is a good network of public transportation. If coming in by car, beware of restricted traffic zones as the main historical centre of Florence are only for residents. There are several parking garages in Florence, under the main train station for example, and on the outskirts, the Villa Costanza parking, connected to the tram and highway, is a very convenient and affordable place to park your car: http://www.parcheggiovillacostanza.it/en/

What is appropriate with regards to tipping?

Tipping is not mandatory, but a sign of appreciation. On restaurant bills, we are already paying what Italians call the coperto (cover charge) and some even have a servizio (service charge). To my knowledge, these supplements do not go to the waiter, and since I know wages are usually quite low, I personally, leave a tip. The amount I give is dependent on how satisfied I was with the service but is usually nevertheless, not lower than 10% of my bill.

Do I need to make reservations for the museums?

Reservations for the Uffizi and Academia, because of the number of visitors, are a necessity. Most of the other smaller museums in Florence do not usually need pre-booking.

Should we buy the Florence Card?

I would recommend it only if you  think you would be able to see 5 or more museums in 72 hours which is 3 days! Absolutely not if you are only planning to visit the Uffizi and the Accademia (you are only using about 30 euro worth of your 72 euro card) www.firenzecard.it . If, however, you are only available to do a tour on the 1st Sunday of the month when state museums are free, therefore, museums may be crowded and no reservations are not given out, if you want to visit the Uffizi and/or the Accademia, the only way to get priority access is with the Firenze Card.