Elisabetta Franchetti Licensed Tour Guide of Florence

My Italian father worked for the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), so I grew up traveling around the world, in South/Central America and Asia, exposed to different cultures, languages, food, societies,…. But when my whole family decided to move permanently to England where my mother is from, I chose to stay in Florence where I was born.

I studied at the University of Florence obtaining a degree in Humanities and whilst there, I began to paint. I subsequently exhibited my works in Germany, Italy and the UK.

In 2001, I began to work in tourism, mainly focusing on high-end wine tours which allowed me to visit some of the most exclusive estates in Tuscany. In 2008, I obtained my license as an official tour guide of Florence. For 20 years now, I have garnered extensive experience in my profession, not only guiding my own private clients but consistently working for some of the most prominent travel agencies in Italy and abroad.

I think that what distinguishes me is the fact that I grew up constantly in contact with so many different realities. I see Italian society and culture from a different point of view, a more international perspective. My interest for people and my innate curiosity allow me to be able to relate to others easily.

More often than not, I also manage to make my clients laugh, probably thanks to that dangerous mix of English and Florentine humour. After all, I do think tours should not only be informative, they should also be fun!

Private Tours

Beyond the suggested itineraries, I also customise tours. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for your request.

Tour Guides in Italy

A tour guide in Italy is a regulated professional figure who must be licensed in order to perform his or her services. To obtain a Province of Florence Guide License, one has to follow a specialized one year intensive course and pass rigid exams set by local authorities, in order to ensure high standards and protect its visitors.