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Florence’s extraordinarily rich artistic and cultural heritage can be explored by following the exceptional careers of the remarkable artists and the wealthy patrons that allowed them to flourish.

The following itineraries allow us to gain deeper understanding of the protagonists of the Renaissance, and the complex underlying dynamics between church and power that shaped Florentine society.

Following Michelangelo

Florence is fortunate enough to conserve a considerable number of sculptural and architectural works by Michelangelo. By viewing his masterpieces, we are able to trace the development of his genius from youth to maturity. Through these tours, we can follow the evolution of his style and mastery in a journey that astounds us today as it did during the height of the Renaissance.

The Young MichelangeloInto Maturity
Duration: 3hr
Sites visited: Casa Buonarroti and Bargello Museum*
Duration: 3 hrs
Sites visited :
New Sacristy in the Medici Chapels, Accademia Gallery

Churches of Florence

Churches were intertwined into the very fabric of the society that congregated within. Behind their beautiful facades lie mesmerizing jewels and fascinating stories. We will visit the most significant churches of Florence whilst discussing the symbiosis between art and religion, money and politics.

Usury & BonfiresPatrons & Saints
Duration: 3 hrs
Site visited
: Convent of San Marco, Chapel of the Magi in Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Basilica of San Lorenzo*
Duration: 3 hrs
Site visited
: Santa Maria Novella*, Santa Trinità, Santo Spirito

Power in the Palace

Palaces were the physical manifestation of wealth and power of a family or a city. And as such, lavish resources will be invested in erecting and embellishing these extravagant residences that extol their position in society. In visiting these palaces, we will refer to the imagery of power from the Republic to the Grand Duchy.

The Splendors of Palazzo Pitti​The Palace of Many Names
Duration: 3 hrs
Site visited: Royal Apartments, Palatine Gallery & Silver Museum in the Pitti Palace
Duration: 2 hrs
Site visited: Palazzo Vecchio*, Piazza della Signoria